All the important information you need to know related to DMT


What is DMT?

Before going into the depth of the live, use and drawbacks, it is essential to make it clear what DMT is.DMT is a drug that when consumed make the consumer hallucinate. Dimethyltryptamine is the chemical name of DMT. It is naturally produced in the brain of human but it is also obtained from different plants. These two are not the only sources; it can now also be made in labs and is known as synthetic DMT. At the start, it was consumed by the people of Peru and now is popular in many other countries including the United States. All the essential information you need to know related to DMT is as follows:

How is DMT consumed?

There are so many different ways of consuming DMT. The most popular one is the way Handler did it. He used to take the DMT with ayahuasca, which is a herbal tea. Although it can also be consumed through smoking, injecting, and snorting.

The following are some common questions that come in the mind of every new consumer. Let have a look at these questions and their answers

In how many time it starts affecting the brain:

The time DMT takes in playing with your brain depends upon the method you have used to consume it. Following are mentioned the way of DMT consumption with their affecting time:

  • If the DMT is consumed using smoke or injection, it will make your brain hallucinating immediately. According to the report, people have reported hallucinating within 45 seconds of DMT consumption using smoke and injection.
  • The consumption of DMT with herbal tea or any other liquid will take more time. It will first pass through your digestive system and after that will start affecting your brain. The approx time it will take to show the results is 30 to 40 minutes whereas this can vary depending upon the amount consumed.

For how much time it stays in the body:

The human body has the strength to digest and clear the DMT rapidly. Even research also states that the time which DMT needs to reach its peak in the blood is hardly 10 to 15 minutes. Whereas the detection time of DMT is less than an hour.

Can a drug test show up DMT?

The detection of DMT by a drug test actually depends on the type of test that is being considered. The body digests Hallucinogens rapidly and therefore there are fewer chances of being detected. The types of tests that have more chances to detect a number of DMT within the time period of 1 to 5 days are hair follicles and urine tests. On the other hand, most of the drug tests don’t detect DMT.

Possibility of the risks involved:

DMT is also referred to as one of the most powerful drugs and therefore it comes up with a variety of physical and psychological side effects. The physical side effects that DMT comes with are usually the high blood pressure and heartbeat. It can be very harmful to the persons who are already having problems with heart conditions and high blood pressure. The overuse of DMT may also lead to

•              Coma

•              Respiratory arrest

•              Seizures

Tips before using DMT:

If anyone is thinking to use DMT, there are some of the tips that you can follow to be on the much safer side.

1.            Strength in the numbers:

If you are planning to use DMT, then the first tip you should be following is that not to use it alone. Plan it with a brunch of people that are trustworthy.

2.            Find a buddy:

If you can’t find a group of people to use DMT, then you must go find a buddy who can tackle the things if they change.

3.            Consider your environment:

You must look for a decent and safe place where you can use DMT.

4.            Be seated:

There is a risk of falling or get injured when you are tripping. So it would be better if you lie down or sit while doing it.

5.            Be simple:

Just do it simply and do not try to combine using it with other drugs or alcohol.

6.            Look for the exact time:

The reaction of DMT can be very dense so it would be much better if you would use it, when you are stable and relax the mind.

Final words:

DMT is one of the drugs that hit every person in a different manner. If one smokes it, the effect lasts up to 45 minutes whereas taken in the form of ayahuasca will turn you high up to 4 hours. If you want to get high with DMT, you can also buy DMT online and enjoy it with your company.


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