The Power of Social Media in The Business World


Social media started decades ago. To put it in simple words, It was initially used as an online platform where people met other people, networked and connected. It was and is something that connected the world. Being a millennial you probably remember Orkut, right? Yes, that is how things started to take a turn toward the social media being used for much more than just social networking.


It is now 2020. Not only has the world taken a turn favorably towards the internet and social media, but it will be right to say that social media has made changed the promotion and marketing game for businesses. A business today, cannot flourish without the social media engagements.

For renowned companies:

This is not an exaggeration when we tell you without social media some business won’t even exist. Did you know a world-famous toy store, TOYS R US has finished all it is brick and mortar outlets and now do their business online. This is the case with a lot of famous brands. We just gave you one example. I am sure you know about Amazon, Uber, Foodler already. Do I need to say more? Without online platforms and social media sites and apps, they won’t exist.

For Small start-ups

While a lot of famous stores have taken an online platform to conduct businesses, many home ventures and small businesses have availed social media sites to the best of their advantages as well.

Many small ventures took a start from an online platform and used social media sites to establish themselves. A lot of home bakers, craft stores, organic cosmetic ventures, digital agencies and many more used social media sites. It won’t be wrong to say that social media sites are the bread and butter for a lot of companies.


If you are new to this social media world, the thing might get confusing for you.

Above we have discussed how social media is now the bread and butter for various businesses. The next question that comes to mind is, How to use social media to make the most out of your businesses? What is the use of social media? How does it help your business?

Below are a few very important reasons that might tell you how social media site helps you:

  1. It helps you discover new ideas, concepts, and trends.
  2. Increase your target market. The media sites essentially help you to connect with new and existing audiences.
  3. Most of all, it increases your clientele. Brings the right kind of attention and traffic.
  4. It helps you in developing a brand image. Or in case you already have a brand image, social media sites can enhance and craft your brand.
  5. One thing about technology is that it keeps changing, so it is very important to stay up to date and make changes accordingly.


A social media site can very well be defined as a vital instrument for marketing, promotion, sales for your business. This is the most ‘to the point’ definition that can be used to understand what it is useful for.

The next valid question that comes to your mind is, which social media site is best for your business?

The answer depends on various factors, like whats your target audience? Which sector does your business operate in? Before launching a social media campaign, it is very important to answer these questions. It is all about strategy. Social campaigning depends on using not just one, but various social media sites to get the best return on your investment.

Therefore it is very important to research before launching campaigns to help with your businesses. Many business-oriented social media networks are launched to cater to the needs of promotional campaigns.

Below we have mentioned few media sites that are a must-have for your business to have recognition, name, and sales.


  1. Facebook: Do we even need to say more? Facebook is the heart and soul of businesses, social networking, venture startups, etc. The site started as a social networking place, but gradually became a platform for businesses, sales, promotional platforms, and whatnot.

Facebook provides online marketing tools to promote or market your business. We can say without a doubt, Facebook is the most visited website all over the world and has the largest online community.

In today’s time, we can say to be a part of the business world you NEED to have a Facebook business page. It’s a necessity.

  • Linkedin: Linkedin by the very definition is a business-oriented social media networking site. This site is a very professional platform made for the sole purpose of jobs and business networking, professional campaigns, clientele, etc.

It offers many tools for promotions and to showcase your professional or business profile. Create jobs and seek jobs.

  • Twitter: Twitter has more than 500 million users active every day. Twitter is considered the best for content marketing. It is particularly best for the B2B site for implementing content marketing strategies.

    The site though has a certain way that it should be used with. You need to know about twitter handles, hashtags, etc. It is tough on twitter to reach the right kind of target, but if you get successful and know your way around Twitter, it’s the best thing that you can do for your business.

  • Instagram: Instagram initially started as a photo-sharing app. But with time, even this media site evolved and now is widely used by businesses today all over the world.

It has features like live videos, location tagging, hashtags, etc. B2B companies if knowing their way around Instagram can make the best use of Instagram. Although Instagram is something that is mainly used by Millenials and the younger generation.


In the article above we have mentioned the main media sites that your business needs to make a profile on to flourish in today’s world. Other then the mentioned, there are many other media sites as well that can be used to benefit from.


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